Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The purpose of parenting

It's the duty of parents to take care of their children

Like any career, parenting has a purpose. Mothers would agree with me that the main purpose is to protect our children and to prepare them how to survive and thrive in the society where they live. Things are different when we are growing up as it is now dangerous to raise children in the kind of society we live in.

Drugs are now easily find and teenagers are more harmful than ever. Crimes against children are everywhere as well as crimes committed by children. Violence in schools are getting more alarming plus the rising  risks of terrorism are  a valid reason for concern.Not to forget that sex now is life threatening.

With all of these, we tend to overprotect our children rather than prepare them to thrive on their own. Remember that part of our purpose as a parent is to prepare them so that they will survive. We must bear in mind that our job is to work out of the job which means preparing our children on the path of being independent and on their own.

To help us achieve our goals,here are three ways to help us to do it :

1.Discuss and talk with other parents to find out  what risks are reasonable for your children to take  in your command. This means that asking  for example what age they should be left home alone and where it is safe for them to play. You'll get ideas from other parents who have been successful in this areas.

2.Joint in parents associations, parents support groups and other organizations. Work within your community to make it a better place to rear your children.

3.Allow your children to develop independence gradually.We all know that children undergo different stages of development, appropriate behavior at one age may not be appropriate at another. You can read books to know what to expect at these different stages of development. You can also tap school authorities to help you.

Parenting is may not be an easy task but if we as parents know its real purpose, it can be the most rewarding jobs we'll ever have. We choose to be parents, we must sincerely live up to that choice!


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