Sunday, February 12, 2012

OSAP 's 10 Roles Parents Can Play In Preventing Problems With Drugs, Sexuality and Violence

Don't blow up, don't give up, you're not 

Parents play important roles in the prevention of problems with drugs, violence and sexuality. The Office of Substance Abuse (OSAP) has released an information campaign poster in educating parents of the roles they have to play in prevention of substance abuse that  tends to sex and violence. I am reproducing the printer poster in the form of a blog post for parents who are always tuned online.

10 Roles Parents Can Play In Preventing Problems with Drugs, Sexuality and Violence

1. Parents as role model- Be a positive role model. Children learn by example.

2. Parents are educators and information resources- Be informed about drugs, sexuality and violence and talk with your child.

3. Parents as policy makers and rule setters-Make rules and enforce them. "No use of illegal drugs in the family and no use of alcohol and nicotine by anyone under the legal age".

4.Parents as stimulators- Encourage your child to take part in hobbies,school activities and sports.Get involved,plan fun family activities.

5.Parents as consultants and educators on peer pressure-"Just say no is easier said than done. Teach your child to resist peer pressure without feeling foolish.

6.Parents as monitors and supervisors- Set and enforce curfews; know where your children are.

7. Parents as collaborators with other parents- Join with other parents to gain support and new ideas. There's strength in numbers.

8. parents as identifiers and confronters- Know how to identify drugs use and other problems and confront your child when necessary.

9. Parents as managers of children's healthy- Don't delay-seek medical help if you suspect your child is engaged in unhealthy behavior.

10. Parents as managers of their own feelings- Don't blow up; don't give up, you're not guilty

It may look little and insignificant knowing these 10 roles but no matter how little or insignificant, the fact is as a parent you play roles in saving the future of your children.

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