Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day Of Treats from

I got an advance birthday gift from my daughter and I am excited about it. I got my passport for "A day Of treats." What is this passport and what makes it different from the usual passport?

It is your passport for a day full of exciting treats for women who want to make a difference in their life.  It is a  passport that let you indulge in food, get make over and a photo, manicure and massage, have a change to have free fortune-telling, get legal consultation (if you're planning for an annulment :D), raffles and giveaway (all women love freebies).  Al of these are courtesy of blog who is celebrating her 10th year anniversary.
If your are not familiar with blog, it is your site where you can have all queries about being a woman. has articles for tips,and advises on every women's issues and problems. It is a commitment for making women's world an exciting world despite of struggles women have to go through. blog is where you can share, learn and have bonding with other women who stand to make her world more dignified and meaningful.

Grab your passport now. It is now out. All you have to do is go to blog, fill up a reservation and submit. (Get your Passport here) blog's A Day Of treats will be held on November 30 2011 at Eastwood City  Central Plaza. From 11 am to midnight,all women participants will get their hands full of freebies and have so much fun doing things they love most. passport is only 100 pesos.

Sponsors for this events are :

Eastwood Mall; Diamond Sponsors: Flavors on Fire and Orogold Cosmetics; Ruby Sponsors: Ahead Tutorial and Review Center and Cliqnship; Emerald Sponsors: C2 Milky Tea, Envirosax, Gastro Chef, Gordon Max, Hero Sausages, Nailaholics, Nesvita, Nova and The Boracay Beach Resort; and Special Partners: All Card Plastics Philippines, Classique Prints, Crystal Clear, Dolmar Press, Inc. and Noel Maglaque Digital Photography; Media Partners: BusinessWorld, Mellow 94.7,, 99.5 RT, Lifestyle Network, Working Mom Magazine, AXN Beyond and Write.Breathe.Live.

For more information visit

See you there! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Adventure Of Ti n Tin: The adventure of the Unicorn at IMAX 3D SM South Mall

Steven Spielberg's long awaited film, The Adventures Of Tin Tin : The Secret of the Unicorn will  be shown at IMAX 3D at SM South Mall starting November 30. The movie tells of the story of a young journalist who stumbled  clues of how to find a sea captain's famous  lost treasures. He tapped the sea  captain's descendants to join him in his search for the Lost Treasure. The animated movie promises to be a full loaded adventure  starring the Daniel Craig, Demie Bell and Simon Pegg. If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of Imax 3D, rush to SM suprmallls and begin your IMax 3D adventure. IMAX 3D at SM South Mall is proud to be the 4th IMAX theater in the country. Other SM Super mall  IMX 3D theaters  are also available at SM North Edsa, SM Mall Of Asia and SM City Cebu.

SM SouthMall IMAX 3D is a  great place to watch and enjoy your movie. This coming November 30, 2011, starts the screening of The Tin Tin Adventure: The secret Of the Unicorn,  grab your ticket or get them through online, the quickest and hassle-free way to get your movie tickets. Mark your calendar now, order your ticket and reservation and let your   IMAX 3D adventure begins.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Tribute To All Dads (poem)


Here's a poem written  as a tribute to all fathers of the world. The writer is unknown but I guess he's somebody who knows what it is to be a DAD.

It's So Nice To Have A Dad Around The House

Dads are special people
No home should be without
For every family will agree
They are a happy mixture
Of  a "SMALL BOY and a "MAN"
And they're very necessary
for every "FAMILY PLAN"
Sometimes they're most demanding
And stern, and firm, and tough
But underneath they're "soft as silk"
For this is just a "BLUFF"
But in any kind of trouble
Dad reaches out his hand
And you can always count on him
To help and understand
And while we do not praise Dad
As often as we should
WE love him and admire him
and while that's understood
It's only fair to emphasize
His importance and his worth
For if there were no loving DADS
This would be a "LOVELESS EARTH"

Hope all moms will agree to the message of the poem. I do 'cause I love the two
"DADS" in my life.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three types Of Parent (Which One Are you?)

A dictator parent does not allow children to question,challenge or  disagree with his/her rules

What kind of parent are you? Here are the four types of parent and see where you fit in.

Autocratic type: The Dictator

This is when you have absolute control and powerful in dictating the lives of your children. You have domineering figure who rewards and punishes to impose your orders. You always tell your children what to do, how to do and when to do it. You never or give little room for questions, challenges or disagreements.Your children fear you rather than respect.

Permissive Type: The Doormat

You allow your children to have too much of their time and walk over you. You are totally against autocratic parenting but you're not doing anything to correct it. In your household, there's no respect for order and routine. You place few limits on your children's freedom and behave like a doormat, letting your children just to walk over you. You want to be firm but do not know what words or disciplining skills to use. You pretend to have control but do not know how to impose it.

Authoritative Type: The Active parent

You are on the middle ground between autocratic and doormat parenting. In your household, freedom is an ideal but so are the rights of others and the responsibilities that go with it. You are the family leader who encourages cooperation and stimulates learning. Your household has orders and routines and every one is treated as equally important members of the family.
If you have assessed yourself as one of these three types, there are always room for improvements and changes. The best part is you don't just admit it but do something to correct or magnify the type of parent you are. Bear in mind that what your children will become in the future is dependent on what type of parenting they received from you.

For more parenting guide visit

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ways to become best working Parents to your kids

In this time of financial instability, both parents, the mom and dad are forced to work outside the house to meet family's needs. It is sometimes hard to be working and at the same time being a parent. Tere are  times that you seem to neglet the other and feel guilty about it. If mom has to go out of the house and work, she can still be the Mom she should be to her kids as long as she knows the secret.

Share time. This means you share your time with them an not just spend. Sharing means doing things that both benefits you and the kids. Baking during Sunday or Saturday is great. Cleaning the house or  helping them out in their homeworks are just example of time both of you and the kids could share together.

Remember that "Little time is better tahn none". If you can't spend a half a day, an hour or two with the kids will be enough. Kids do understand and making them feel they're wanted and given attention even in small or limited time, they'll appreciate it. A lminutes to take a look at their finished art work is enough to make them know, you're trying as hard as you can to give them time.

Son't Make it Big. Sometimes as we feel guilty about giving our kids much time as we could, we tend  lessen the guilt by giving lavish rewards or gifts as if paying back what we have missed. Don't make your child feel you're paying back but do make them feel that you're trying hard to give them time and attention. A simple hug or  good night kiss is enough to make them feel you're there and not forgetting.

Parents are in control of the relationship in the family. You choose the kind of control you take in. Remember that all needs such as food, clothes, shelter are provided naturally but the love and attention is given out of choice. Kids will do even wanting with basic needs but they will not survuve without the love and attention of their parents. As the parents, you opt to gove them to your kids or else you are not entitle to be one.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Make the most out of being a stay-at-home Moms

So what if you are a stay-at-home moms? This doesn't mean that you can't have  some good  times being one. You can still have the best of your time by doing things that are related to your career. Of course, being a  full time mom is a career and it is could be as rewarding as other career. How to do it?

Simply join Mom's club. There are lots of company sponsored moms' club. Nestle Club is just one of them that offers many ways of having good times while being a full time moms. All you have to do is simply fill out forms. That's it, no fees or any charge at all. Once you become a member, you will be entitle to different offers from the company such as cooking demonstrations, tips and advises, recipes and if you're lucky, you get offers for sample products and simple survey. You also learn from other moms members like you and you can build your circle of new moms friends. Some companies also gives promotional discounts and this will set you from the rest. (non members of course).

There's no reason to rant about your being a stay-at-home mom. You will be privileged to know more about  house keeping,, kids rearing and more. Setting a time for being online is your first step. Search for moms' club that appeal best for you. Simply fill up membership form and start getting the perks.

For a starter, I recommend you  to join Nestle Club. Just click the link and you'll be on your way to having a good time being a stay-at-home mom.  I am one of the members and i swear you'll have great time while you share, learn and mingle with moms like you.You'll enjoy the freebies, too.

Get started by clicking this link :

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House chores for burning off calories

Most mother will tell when ask that do not have the time to exercise because they're so busy with the house chores. Little they know that they're doing one of the best exercise to burn off that stored fats. Here are some of the fat burning house chores that are practically done by mothers  almost daily in their life.

Baking- this cooking method let you burn around 158 to 348 calories depending on how streneous the kneading and the rolling is. So if you want to lose weight, bake , bake and bake.

Light cleaning- this includes sweeping oof dirt an dusting furniture, washing the dishes, emptying the trash can,feeding the animals, changing sheet covers and curtains and helps you burn around 164 calories.

Vigorous cleaning- Mapping, vacumming  and bathroom scrubbing may help burn off 220 to 250 calories. If  you are a kind of mother who ants to have spotless bathroom tiles, you probably the slimmest of all because, bathroom tile scrubbing is sure to take off 260 calaroies.

Cleaning the glutter- this task if often delegated to the husband but it will be more beneficial if you do it yourself because  an hour of climbing, reaching out and scrapping help you burn off at least 329 calories.

Washing windows- this is not  a daily chore but can help you burn 197 calories which is equivalent to washing cars and single mopping.

Raking land bagging leaves- if you have a front or backyard, raking and bagging off leaves for an hour help you kick off  263 calories. This also goes the same with weeding the garden (if you got one).

Mothers don't need to fret that they're lacking exercise. In fact they are blessed with so many calorie burning opportunity by just being  busy  on their own home . It is perhaps the best thing that could happen for being a house mother, you keep safe while being healthy and well-loved MOM!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Protect your kids from cold weather

Now that the cold season is officially with us, it's time to take out those jackets to protect us from this cold season. Our kids are more prone to catch the cold virus and here are some few things you can do to give them protection.

Have them drink lots of citrus fruit juices. Vitamin C is the primary protection against colds virus so let your kids have ample supply of this potent vitamin. Prepare your kids lots of juices from citrus fruits. Have them eat them raw and lace their favorite foods with them. Don't forget to give them vitamin C supplements to increased their immune system.

Get them to wear jackets and other protective clothing against damp cold wether. Let your kids be protected against the damp cold weather by wearing proper clothing. Have them wear jackets during the late afternoon when air is too damp. This is the best time for viruses to go active. Don't let your kids let out chilling.If possible keep them indoor during this time of the day.

Give them the colds shot. The best protection is of course your kids' old shot. Take them to the clinic have them have the shot. Although it is not hundred percent protection, it is still better to be protected than not.

Tell your kids to wash hands frequently. The fastest way to spread virus is through hand contact. Washing the hands often eliminate the chance of the cold virus to spread. It also gives protection to your kids catching  the virus.

Take a time to know how to take care kids with colds. Make your self equipped with the nursing care for colds. Read or find out from your health care service providers things to do when your kids is down with colds and flu. Know the sings and symptoms when it is time to see a doctor.

The cold weather is here with us. It reminds us that the holiday season is soon to come.To enjoy it , let your kids be free from any diseases brought by the cold seasons.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shopping for your kids this Holiday Season

Shopping for your kids this holiday season  is fun .

Have  you started shopping for your kids and family for the Holiday season? Here are some tips that could help you pick the best gifts and stuff  for your kids this  coming holiday.

When shopping for kids clothes, comfort and durability are two factors that must be considered. Kids are very active and moves around. Buy clothes that are made of durable materials and can stand the rugged activities of your kids. Buy clothes that fit and make them comfortable. Don't buy clothes just because you love the style of it but rather buy something that your kid is comfortable wearing it. If your kids have allergies, avoid clothing materials that can trigger the allergens. Always buy clothes that are free of synthetic materials that can cause allergies. Kids grow fast so it's better to shop for clothes one size bitter than to allow growing allowance for future wear.
Toys make kids eyes light up and bring smiles on their lips. Make sure that materials used are non-toxin and with warranty from health authorities. Always read the label and  manufacturers' warnings. Read age recommendations and stick by the rules. This is to avoid future incidents of choking for kids. Buy toys that are educational or something that will test their  ability such as blocks buildings, puzzles, flash cards, charts and coloring books. Always refrain from those cheap stuffs  mostly made of toxin materials.

Shopping  and buying something for our love ones this holiday season brings fun . What more for our darling and precocious kids.

credits to the owners of the photo

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