Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three types Of Parent (Which One Are you?)

A dictator parent does not allow children to question,challenge or  disagree with his/her rules

What kind of parent are you? Here are the four types of parent and see where you fit in.

Autocratic type: The Dictator

This is when you have absolute control and powerful in dictating the lives of your children. You have domineering figure who rewards and punishes to impose your orders. You always tell your children what to do, how to do and when to do it. You never or give little room for questions, challenges or disagreements.Your children fear you rather than respect.

Permissive Type: The Doormat

You allow your children to have too much of their time and walk over you. You are totally against autocratic parenting but you're not doing anything to correct it. In your household, there's no respect for order and routine. You place few limits on your children's freedom and behave like a doormat, letting your children just to walk over you. You want to be firm but do not know what words or disciplining skills to use. You pretend to have control but do not know how to impose it.

Authoritative Type: The Active parent

You are on the middle ground between autocratic and doormat parenting. In your household, freedom is an ideal but so are the rights of others and the responsibilities that go with it. You are the family leader who encourages cooperation and stimulates learning. Your household has orders and routines and every one is treated as equally important members of the family.
If you have assessed yourself as one of these three types, there are always room for improvements and changes. The best part is you don't just admit it but do something to correct or magnify the type of parent you are. Bear in mind that what your children will become in the future is dependent on what type of parenting they received from you.

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