Saturday, November 5, 2011

Protect your kids from cold weather

Now that the cold season is officially with us, it's time to take out those jackets to protect us from this cold season. Our kids are more prone to catch the cold virus and here are some few things you can do to give them protection.

Have them drink lots of citrus fruit juices. Vitamin C is the primary protection against colds virus so let your kids have ample supply of this potent vitamin. Prepare your kids lots of juices from citrus fruits. Have them eat them raw and lace their favorite foods with them. Don't forget to give them vitamin C supplements to increased their immune system.

Get them to wear jackets and other protective clothing against damp cold wether. Let your kids be protected against the damp cold weather by wearing proper clothing. Have them wear jackets during the late afternoon when air is too damp. This is the best time for viruses to go active. Don't let your kids let out chilling.If possible keep them indoor during this time of the day.

Give them the colds shot. The best protection is of course your kids' old shot. Take them to the clinic have them have the shot. Although it is not hundred percent protection, it is still better to be protected than not.

Tell your kids to wash hands frequently. The fastest way to spread virus is through hand contact. Washing the hands often eliminate the chance of the cold virus to spread. It also gives protection to your kids catching  the virus.

Take a time to know how to take care kids with colds. Make your self equipped with the nursing care for colds. Read or find out from your health care service providers things to do when your kids is down with colds and flu. Know the sings and symptoms when it is time to see a doctor.

The cold weather is here with us. It reminds us that the holiday season is soon to come.To enjoy it , let your kids be free from any diseases brought by the cold seasons.

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