Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House chores for burning off calories

Most mother will tell when ask that do not have the time to exercise because they're so busy with the house chores. Little they know that they're doing one of the best exercise to burn off that stored fats. Here are some of the fat burning house chores that are practically done by mothers  almost daily in their life.

Baking- this cooking method let you burn around 158 to 348 calories depending on how streneous the kneading and the rolling is. So if you want to lose weight, bake , bake and bake.

Light cleaning- this includes sweeping oof dirt an dusting furniture, washing the dishes, emptying the trash can,feeding the animals, changing sheet covers and curtains and helps you burn around 164 calories.

Vigorous cleaning- Mapping, vacumming  and bathroom scrubbing may help burn off 220 to 250 calories. If  you are a kind of mother who ants to have spotless bathroom tiles, you probably the slimmest of all because, bathroom tile scrubbing is sure to take off 260 calaroies.

Cleaning the glutter- this task if often delegated to the husband but it will be more beneficial if you do it yourself because  an hour of climbing, reaching out and scrapping help you burn off at least 329 calories.

Washing windows- this is not  a daily chore but can help you burn 197 calories which is equivalent to washing cars and single mopping.

Raking land bagging leaves- if you have a front or backyard, raking and bagging off leaves for an hour help you kick off  263 calories. This also goes the same with weeding the garden (if you got one).

Mothers don't need to fret that they're lacking exercise. In fact they are blessed with so many calorie burning opportunity by just being  busy  on their own home . It is perhaps the best thing that could happen for being a house mother, you keep safe while being healthy and well-loved MOM!

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