Monday, November 14, 2011

Ways to become best working Parents to your kids

In this time of financial instability, both parents, the mom and dad are forced to work outside the house to meet family's needs. It is sometimes hard to be working and at the same time being a parent. Tere are  times that you seem to neglet the other and feel guilty about it. If mom has to go out of the house and work, she can still be the Mom she should be to her kids as long as she knows the secret.

Share time. This means you share your time with them an not just spend. Sharing means doing things that both benefits you and the kids. Baking during Sunday or Saturday is great. Cleaning the house or  helping them out in their homeworks are just example of time both of you and the kids could share together.

Remember that "Little time is better tahn none". If you can't spend a half a day, an hour or two with the kids will be enough. Kids do understand and making them feel they're wanted and given attention even in small or limited time, they'll appreciate it. A lminutes to take a look at their finished art work is enough to make them know, you're trying as hard as you can to give them time.

Son't Make it Big. Sometimes as we feel guilty about giving our kids much time as we could, we tend  lessen the guilt by giving lavish rewards or gifts as if paying back what we have missed. Don't make your child feel you're paying back but do make them feel that you're trying hard to give them time and attention. A simple hug or  good night kiss is enough to make them feel you're there and not forgetting.

Parents are in control of the relationship in the family. You choose the kind of control you take in. Remember that all needs such as food, clothes, shelter are provided naturally but the love and attention is given out of choice. Kids will do even wanting with basic needs but they will not survuve without the love and attention of their parents. As the parents, you opt to gove them to your kids or else you are not entitle to be one.

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