Thursday, September 29, 2011

Relocation and your kids

There are several reasons why families have to relocate. Some are for work reasons where pboth or ne of the prents is assigned to a certin place and family has to be relocated. Some are for economic reasons where standard of living is more cheaper and affordable while some has acquired their own place or house. For whatever reason the family has to relocated,as parents we should take in consideration of how our kids can cope up with their new surroundings.

Since kids has to left behind some friends and memories that are precious to them, here are some guides of how to avaoid depresions, loneliness and the feeling of isolation among or kids.

New Friend prospect- it would be better if in the new place, your kids have already new firends prospect. Scout  and ask around the new neighborhood for possible new friend for yur kids. You can invite them in the house and let your kids know and meet them.

Kids clubs- if possible let your kids the new place kids club and encourange your kids to socialized with the kids  and join eixting kids club.

School authority-  let school authority to know that your kid is new in the place so that teachers can recommend classmates and friends.

Open house- let the kids in the new place that your home is open for them and your kid is willing to have them as friends. Have a small kids party swhere all neighboorhood or possible friends can attend. It doesn't have to big party ,just few sandwiches and juices for the kids to let them get aquianted.

Relocating to a new place sometimes brings loneliness to kids and if  ignore it, it may leads to even worst situation.Don't let your kid fear being relocated, make them feel it 's part of life and they can cope up becuse you are there to guide them.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Day care center and your kids

With many news of baby kidnapping, it s now safer to entrust our kids to a day care centers than to a baby sitter.

Day care services are now available here in the Philippines and it is more safe to entrust our kids to this services than to have a baby sitter whom we could not hundred percent be sure of the safety of our kids. Day care center like Prima day care center have special activities for the kids that won't leave them bored but instead learn and enjoy the company of other kis like them. Prima Day Care and Activity School  have well-trained staff to care of  yuur kids and share with them worthwhile activities like coloring,craft,music and other kids' stuff and activities.

The rate are  affordable and they have packages which are consumable for six months. You can drop your kids at the center anytime of the day, You don't hve to worry while you are doing some business or attending to some events and activities as your kids are in safe hands.

Don't just entrust your kids to anybody and then regret later. Day care centers are the safest place for your kids when there's no one to take care of them while you re away.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Kasambahy Bill which is now on its third and final reading at Philippine Senate aims to increase he monthly salary of house helps. This is a very commendable  act as house-helps in the Philippines is more than a show off or a status symbol.

It is common for many middle class family to employ house-helps especially when both prents are working. Most of the household chores are delegated to house-help and most of the time includes baby sitting or actually taking care of the kids.

On this case parents should set rules and limitations of delegating the task of taking care of the kids. If possible , house-help must not share a room with your kids for security reasons.Write down what she must do and explain  what she must do in cases of emergencies. Never allow any house help to go out alone with the kids unless you tell her so. Make a lists of the task she can do in taking care of your kids like bathing and feeding. If possible set a bathing session with your kids during your free time to set as your bonding moments. This will ensure that the kids will not heavily depend on house helps. Make sure your kids understand what house-helps roles inside your family. Make it clear to them that house-helps are there to take care of the house and the kids while you are away. make the kids respect them as extended and adopted members of the family. Teach them  to treat them respectfully and accordingly. Remember that house-helps may come and go and to avoid kids suffering the pain of loss, you should try to make it clear to your kids that you are still their mother who loves them and only allow some help in taking care of them while you are outside the house.

House-helps are new a necessity when  both parents have to work. Giving them some importance is a kind deed as they take some of the burden off our shoulder. If we treat them well, they will give back the kind of service we deserve and they can be our best help in rearing good and obedient kids.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

College Sccholarship- Parents and Children Joint efforts

There's no way a poor but deserving high school graduate could not enter college. It is common for parents to say that no matter how good their children at school, with the high cost of sending them to college, they simply can't afford to pay for their school expenses. It is a wrong notion since there are many available scholarship grants that are given out for poor but deserving students.
  The question  is where and how to apply ?Here are some of the college grants that may apply for your child's need.

UP scholar ng bayan through UP Income Bracket system
 Local Scholarship Grant- Many city and provincial government have scholarship or financial assistance for their deserving high school students. Most of these financial  assistance are approved by city or provincial board for a four year course mostly in Science and technology fields. There are some provincial governments that offer grants for agriculture course. Consult your local officials on how to avail for the grant as each has its own criteria and requirements. My daughter is a grantee of Dr. Pio Valenzuela Scholarship after passing written examination and interview. All Metro Manila city and municipal governments have their own scholarship and financial assistance for their local graduates.Some Congressional seats has same scholarship grants  depending  on District's budget.
CHED Scholarship Grant- Commission on Higher Education has scholarship for poor but deserving high school students. The grant includes free tuition and monthly allowance plus book allowance. Aplications are mostly send to school principals and processing are also through school authorities. Ask and inquire your school registrant for application form and requirements.
Private Colleges and University scholarship Grant- Top Universities like Ateneo University and La Salle University offer scholarship grant for public high school student belong to the top ten of the graduating class. Both offer free tuition, book and monthly allowance and weaver from other expenses like field trips. Ateneo and La Salle send application from their chosen public school. Examination fee is also free. On the other hand, University of Santo Tomas also offers scholarship grant but applicants must be a Catholic and a recommendation from their local parish priest is required. Other private universities offer one year scholarship for all Valedictorian graduates and discount tuition for  top ten of the graduating class.
National Government Scholarship Grant- Study now pay later scholarship offer student to enroll for a course with a loan from the government. The grant is for those who are willing to finish their course and pay the loan after graduation. Grants are applied in local Study now pay later offices scattered all over the country, Inquire from your local official for application.
 University Of the Philippines'  Scholar ng Bayan - University of the Phillipines offer scholarship for those who passed UPCAT as Scholar ng Bayan. UP Bracketing sytem allow student from bracket C to have 50% scholarship gant from tuition while bracket D has 70% grant for tuition fee and Bracket E with 100% free tuition and Bracket E2 has full tuition free plus monthly allowance of  P2,500. Other scholarship grant from UP alumin organizations and partners arealso available for deserving students.
 DOST Scholarship -Students who excel in fields like Science and Match can avail DOST scholarship. The grant includes free tuition, monthly allowance and book allowance. DOST examination is given in schedule venue and dates. Inquire your school registrar for application form and requirements.
Private companies and institution-Many companies offer scholarship grants for high school graduates. The Metro bank, SM group of companies, Lion's and Rotary Clubs, Guillermo Memorial Fundations, Go Tong Go Foundations, Teehankee Foundation are some of private companies and institution that grant scolarship assistance for graduating high school students. Most of them are available online and application can also be dome online.
 It is not  the sole responsibility of students to look for scholarship. Parents should cooperate and work along with them as they are paper requirements to be submitted.  Help your children by acquiring all papers needed while you child do his part by studying hard. Getting scholarship can be easy if parents and children work as a team. After all, both will benefit from any scholarship won!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Field Trips and Your kids

From September to December is the best time for schools to have their yearly field trips. This is the time when the weather is good although it's still monsoon seasons, most of the time the weather is humid and dry. As schools prepare to where and when for their field trips, parents are also prepping for this  school outdoor activities.  Preparing and packing foods are important things to consider during this school field trip, here are some tips to have your kids enjoy his day at his school field trip.
Ayala museum is a good place to visit during school field trip

Think Food Safety- If your kid is bringing in rice complete meals, don't forget to close all lids properly and tightly to avoid spills and leaks as kids move around often and always throw things in the bag. Separate as much as possible dry form wet foods to avoid spoilage.

Plan Ahead- Plan how much and what food to pack. Choose those that don't easily get spoiled. Pack foods that are energy -giving such as sandwiches, crackers, eggs and fruits. If your kids is fun of snacking, small packs of cereal breads and potato chips will keep him going. Avoid as much as possible junk foods and carbonated drinks.

Water power- water will keep your child hydrated and on the go and let him have a lot of it.

 Pack light- When packing, use only small containers to let your kids enjoy the freedom from bulk.

Let your kids bring extra  light  clothing. Remember that field trip is an outdoor activities, having extra shirt can keep him fresh and clean. And don't forget to keep in touch with teachers and school authorities and have your phone listed for emergency.

Field trips are school activities that help kids poster friendship and  an opportunity to learn and explore educational environment. Let your kids enjoy it to the fullest with your help and guidance.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dengue Cure-Tawa-Tawa plants

Dengue is caused by a viral infection transmitted by a mosquito bite. Aedes mpsquitoes are found to be carrier of this deadly virus that cause blood platelets to fall , caused shock and death if not treated immediately. Since there's no direct medications for this deadly disease, there are two critical factors that could save patient from having a down blood platelets. Following these simple tips may help save a life.

Proper re-hydration management- since dengue is caused by a virus, it caused acute condition of incresed vascular permeability and plasma leakage, re-hydration  in the form of intravenous fluid is applied to replace excess fluid loss. Oral re-hydration  is also recommended as to replenish body with carbohydrates and electrolytes. Commercial non -carbonated drink Gatorade can also  be taken to replace lost carbohydrates and electrolytes in the body.

Tawa-Tawa plants easily found in local places and garden
Herbal Medicines Management- A special  Philippines plant species called Tawa-Tawa is now gathering good reviews as potent cure for Dengue. Tonic drink from the boiled leaves and twigs  found to make blood platelets go up and based on a clinical studies conducted by St. Luke's Hospital research , there's a high results of virus flushed out  with the use of Tawa-Tawa tonic drink. It's a subtantial finding but still non-conclusives as futher studies are being conducted by the DOH research laboratoy,

Tawa-Tawa can be used as tonic drink or as capsule. It also comes in tea formed sold by a Herbal Company called CARICA. As parents, we still have to consider the best remedy for Dengue. It is still recommended to bring your child to a hospital or clinic. Herbal medicines can be of help but always ask your doctor about it.  Give these herbal remedy under your doctor's advice and guidance. Remember, it is our child's life that is at stake. Always put caution in everything that concerns health and life.

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