Monday, September 5, 2011

Dengue Cure-Tawa-Tawa plants

Dengue is caused by a viral infection transmitted by a mosquito bite. Aedes mpsquitoes are found to be carrier of this deadly virus that cause blood platelets to fall , caused shock and death if not treated immediately. Since there's no direct medications for this deadly disease, there are two critical factors that could save patient from having a down blood platelets. Following these simple tips may help save a life.

Proper re-hydration management- since dengue is caused by a virus, it caused acute condition of incresed vascular permeability and plasma leakage, re-hydration  in the form of intravenous fluid is applied to replace excess fluid loss. Oral re-hydration  is also recommended as to replenish body with carbohydrates and electrolytes. Commercial non -carbonated drink Gatorade can also  be taken to replace lost carbohydrates and electrolytes in the body.

Tawa-Tawa plants easily found in local places and garden
Herbal Medicines Management- A special  Philippines plant species called Tawa-Tawa is now gathering good reviews as potent cure for Dengue. Tonic drink from the boiled leaves and twigs  found to make blood platelets go up and based on a clinical studies conducted by St. Luke's Hospital research , there's a high results of virus flushed out  with the use of Tawa-Tawa tonic drink. It's a subtantial finding but still non-conclusives as futher studies are being conducted by the DOH research laboratoy,

Tawa-Tawa can be used as tonic drink or as capsule. It also comes in tea formed sold by a Herbal Company called CARICA. As parents, we still have to consider the best remedy for Dengue. It is still recommended to bring your child to a hospital or clinic. Herbal medicines can be of help but always ask your doctor about it.  Give these herbal remedy under your doctor's advice and guidance. Remember, it is our child's life that is at stake. Always put caution in everything that concerns health and life.

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