Tuesday, September 13, 2011

College Sccholarship- Parents and Children Joint efforts

There's no way a poor but deserving high school graduate could not enter college. It is common for parents to say that no matter how good their children at school, with the high cost of sending them to college, they simply can't afford to pay for their school expenses. It is a wrong notion since there are many available scholarship grants that are given out for poor but deserving students.
  The question  is where and how to apply ?Here are some of the college grants that may apply for your child's need.

UP scholar ng bayan through UP Income Bracket system
 Local Scholarship Grant- Many city and provincial government have scholarship or financial assistance for their deserving high school students. Most of these financial  assistance are approved by city or provincial board for a four year course mostly in Science and technology fields. There are some provincial governments that offer grants for agriculture course. Consult your local officials on how to avail for the grant as each has its own criteria and requirements. My daughter is a grantee of Dr. Pio Valenzuela Scholarship after passing written examination and interview. All Metro Manila city and municipal governments have their own scholarship and financial assistance for their local graduates.Some Congressional seats has same scholarship grants  depending  on District's budget.
CHED Scholarship Grant- Commission on Higher Education has scholarship for poor but deserving high school students. The grant includes free tuition and monthly allowance plus book allowance. Aplications are mostly send to school principals and processing are also through school authorities. Ask and inquire your school registrant for application form and requirements.
Private Colleges and University scholarship Grant- Top Universities like Ateneo University and La Salle University offer scholarship grant for public high school student belong to the top ten of the graduating class. Both offer free tuition, book and monthly allowance and weaver from other expenses like field trips. Ateneo and La Salle send application from their chosen public school. Examination fee is also free. On the other hand, University of Santo Tomas also offers scholarship grant but applicants must be a Catholic and a recommendation from their local parish priest is required. Other private universities offer one year scholarship for all Valedictorian graduates and discount tuition for  top ten of the graduating class.
National Government Scholarship Grant- Study now pay later scholarship offer student to enroll for a course with a loan from the government. The grant is for those who are willing to finish their course and pay the loan after graduation. Grants are applied in local Study now pay later offices scattered all over the country, Inquire from your local official for application.
 University Of the Philippines'  Scholar ng Bayan - University of the Phillipines offer scholarship for those who passed UPCAT as Scholar ng Bayan. UP Bracketing sytem allow student from bracket C to have 50% scholarship gant from tuition while bracket D has 70% grant for tuition fee and Bracket E with 100% free tuition and Bracket E2 has full tuition free plus monthly allowance of  P2,500. Other scholarship grant from UP alumin organizations and partners arealso available for deserving students.
 DOST Scholarship -Students who excel in fields like Science and Match can avail DOST scholarship. The grant includes free tuition, monthly allowance and book allowance. DOST examination is given in schedule venue and dates. Inquire your school registrar for application form and requirements.
Private companies and institution-Many companies offer scholarship grants for high school graduates. The Metro bank, SM group of companies, Lion's and Rotary Clubs, Guillermo Memorial Fundations, Go Tong Go Foundations, Teehankee Foundation are some of private companies and institution that grant scolarship assistance for graduating high school students. Most of them are available online and application can also be dome online.
 It is not  the sole responsibility of students to look for scholarship. Parents should cooperate and work along with them as they are paper requirements to be submitted.  Help your children by acquiring all papers needed while you child do his part by studying hard. Getting scholarship can be easy if parents and children work as a team. After all, both will benefit from any scholarship won!

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