Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Field Trips and Your kids

From September to December is the best time for schools to have their yearly field trips. This is the time when the weather is good although it's still monsoon seasons, most of the time the weather is humid and dry. As schools prepare to where and when for their field trips, parents are also prepping for this  school outdoor activities.  Preparing and packing foods are important things to consider during this school field trip, here are some tips to have your kids enjoy his day at his school field trip.
Ayala museum is a good place to visit during school field trip

Think Food Safety- If your kid is bringing in rice complete meals, don't forget to close all lids properly and tightly to avoid spills and leaks as kids move around often and always throw things in the bag. Separate as much as possible dry form wet foods to avoid spoilage.

Plan Ahead- Plan how much and what food to pack. Choose those that don't easily get spoiled. Pack foods that are energy -giving such as sandwiches, crackers, eggs and fruits. If your kids is fun of snacking, small packs of cereal breads and potato chips will keep him going. Avoid as much as possible junk foods and carbonated drinks.

Water power- water will keep your child hydrated and on the go and let him have a lot of it.

 Pack light- When packing, use only small containers to let your kids enjoy the freedom from bulk.

Let your kids bring extra  light  clothing. Remember that field trip is an outdoor activities, having extra shirt can keep him fresh and clean. And don't forget to keep in touch with teachers and school authorities and have your phone listed for emergency.

Field trips are school activities that help kids poster friendship and  an opportunity to learn and explore educational environment. Let your kids enjoy it to the fullest with your help and guidance.

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