Monday, September 26, 2011

Kasambahy Bill which is now on its third and final reading at Philippine Senate aims to increase he monthly salary of house helps. This is a very commendable  act as house-helps in the Philippines is more than a show off or a status symbol.

It is common for many middle class family to employ house-helps especially when both prents are working. Most of the household chores are delegated to house-help and most of the time includes baby sitting or actually taking care of the kids.

On this case parents should set rules and limitations of delegating the task of taking care of the kids. If possible , house-help must not share a room with your kids for security reasons.Write down what she must do and explain  what she must do in cases of emergencies. Never allow any house help to go out alone with the kids unless you tell her so. Make a lists of the task she can do in taking care of your kids like bathing and feeding. If possible set a bathing session with your kids during your free time to set as your bonding moments. This will ensure that the kids will not heavily depend on house helps. Make sure your kids understand what house-helps roles inside your family. Make it clear to them that house-helps are there to take care of the house and the kids while you are away. make the kids respect them as extended and adopted members of the family. Teach them  to treat them respectfully and accordingly. Remember that house-helps may come and go and to avoid kids suffering the pain of loss, you should try to make it clear to your kids that you are still their mother who loves them and only allow some help in taking care of them while you are outside the house.

House-helps are new a necessity when  both parents have to work. Giving them some importance is a kind deed as they take some of the burden off our shoulder. If we treat them well, they will give back the kind of service we deserve and they can be our best help in rearing good and obedient kids.

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