Thursday, September 29, 2011

Relocation and your kids

There are several reasons why families have to relocate. Some are for work reasons where pboth or ne of the prents is assigned to a certin place and family has to be relocated. Some are for economic reasons where standard of living is more cheaper and affordable while some has acquired their own place or house. For whatever reason the family has to relocated,as parents we should take in consideration of how our kids can cope up with their new surroundings.

Since kids has to left behind some friends and memories that are precious to them, here are some guides of how to avaoid depresions, loneliness and the feeling of isolation among or kids.

New Friend prospect- it would be better if in the new place, your kids have already new firends prospect. Scout  and ask around the new neighborhood for possible new friend for yur kids. You can invite them in the house and let your kids know and meet them.

Kids clubs- if possible let your kids the new place kids club and encourange your kids to socialized with the kids  and join eixting kids club.

School authority-  let school authority to know that your kid is new in the place so that teachers can recommend classmates and friends.

Open house- let the kids in the new place that your home is open for them and your kid is willing to have them as friends. Have a small kids party swhere all neighboorhood or possible friends can attend. It doesn't have to big party ,just few sandwiches and juices for the kids to let them get aquianted.

Relocating to a new place sometimes brings loneliness to kids and if  ignore it, it may leads to even worst situation.Don't let your kid fear being relocated, make them feel it 's part of life and they can cope up becuse you are there to guide them.

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