Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skin rashes and your child's allergies

The skin is the first area of the body to react when  exposed to something you or your child is allergic to. You have to ask the following question in order for you to evaluate how severe the allergic reaction is.
1. Is your child having a lot of trouble swallowing or breathing especially when sneezing or his tongue swollen?
2. Does your child have the following associated with the rushes?
  a. Fever
  b. Sore throat
  c.The rush is across the cheeks and forehead and of butterfly shaped
  d.Rush is fine,red one that feels rough like sandpaper
  e.Joint pain
Following these simple assessment guide will also help you know if the rushes are symptoms or associated with a certain disease:
 # If there are any large fluid-filled blister present or is there pus or swelling around the rash
# Have your child been recently exposed to someone with strep infection?
# If your child has a diaper rush, is the rush bleeding or are there open, weeping sores?
.# Have your child already had the chicken pox and if your child has a rash of painful blister on one side of the body?
#When the rash getting started ,was your child taking a new medication or was stung by an insect?

After your assessment you child skin rashes the following self care tips might help alleviate the irritation and the pain.
1, Give your child a cool bath without soap every couple of hours
2.let the skin air dry
3.Have your child stay in cool area
4. Apply calamine (not caladryl) lotion to the itchy areas
5.Put starch in body creases
6.Avoid using cream or ointment that might block skin pores

For diaper rash these tips might help

Change the diaper as soon as they get wet or soiled even if you have to wake at night to avoid rashes to get extensive. You have to ash your baby with plenty of warm water and avoid using wipes. If the rashes appear irritated, you can apply a light coat of zinc oxide ointment only after the skin get dry.It best to keep your baby's skin exposed to air to keep it dry and before putting on the diaper, have your baby
s bottom naked for a few minutes on a soft fluffy towel for at least 5 to 10 minutes.Choose a diaper that allows air circulation and with loose leg bands.If you can,punch a hole in your disposable diaper to allow air to come in. Avoid using plastic pants until the rash is gone.If you are using cloth diaper, wash it with mild soap and rise in water with vinegar to remove any soap's residue left .

If the rash gets worse and self tips do not help, it's time to see your child doctor.

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