Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What if your kid is the bully?

Make your kid feels he's wanted and not rejected

One of the problems that confront parents is when our kids are bullied in school. We immediately react and do every possible thing to stop these bullying acts.  With many available helps, parents have ideas of how to avoid and resolve this problem. But what if your kid is the bully himself? Here are some tips on how you can stop your kid from bullying other kids.
tT    Talk to your kid- there must be some problems with your kids. Have a heart-to heart talk with him and assess what’s wrong in his behavior.  Ask why he is doing it and what makes him do it. There may be some underlying factors why he is such a bully.
  Fi    Find solution with him- If your kid has open up with you, try to solve the problem together. Lay down suggestions and make him feel that you are on his side and not you’re not persecuting him but clearly point out that his act is inappropriate and must be stopped.
D          Divert his energies into something productive and worthwhile- Most bully kids are very active kids. Try to divert his energies and attention to some hobbies that will make him more productive and creative.  One known bully in school after being introduced to sports became the most discipline and friendliest kid in the campus. Make your bully kid feel that he is needed and loved and not prosecuted and discriminated.
       Avoid creating a tag of him- Even a bully won’t want to be tag as one. Avoid this tagging or labeling notion. Make him see he is capable of changing for the better and there’s always a room for him in the community and school. Make him feel he's wanted, needed ,loved and not rejected.
        Ask help- If your kid needs help, don’t hesitate to consult professional help. You can ask teachers and school authorities for assessing and counseling.  But make sure that your kid is not put in any compromising or humiliating conditions as this will make the problem worse.  Get his permission and explain to him why there’s a need for him to subject himself to counseling.  Give him the feel that his opinion is needed  and is given importance in solving the issue.

There’s always wrong perception about bully kids but if given the right attention and counseling, these bully kids could turn to be the most productive and successful kids in the future. What they need is understanding and enough tender loving care from people close and around him.

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