Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Recipe-Bugged Jelly

Macy Alcaraz' Bugged Jelly featured in Yummy Magazine Online
Here's another great Halloween recipe that kids will find creepy but yummy. Macy Alcaraz of Yummy Magazine shares this recipe that will make those treat or trick kids  happy with their lot.
It is simple and easy to make and only takes a couple of minutes from your hectic schedules.

For Bugged Jelly ,you need the following :

Flavored Gelatin
Toy bugs

To make your bugged jelly, follow this two simple instructions:

1. Wash toy bugs thoroughly and set aside.
2. Cooked flavored gelatin according to package instruction. Before gelatin set, drop in toy bugs.

Macy Alcaraz gives this bug-centering tips.

To make  bugs sit at the center, pour gelatin half way and pour another layer to cover the bug.

Try different flavors and colors to attract kids and have them ask for more.

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