Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The benefits Of Family Eating Together

The Family that eats together stays happy together

 A recent study about family relationship, says that kids  who eat with their families do better in school and are likely not to smoke, use drugs or drink alcohol nor engage in fights or any troubles than those who are left alone to eat. The eating together makes family had that chance to talk and enjoy each other. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet food as food is not a matter of importance here. Eating together also does not mean all the family sitting in one table at the same time everyday. It can be eating together in front of television and in any time as long as kids share meal with the family. According to Dr.David Ludwig, Pediatrics Professor at Harvard University and author of  the book “Ending the Food Fight”, having  dinner together is probably the most important way to promote good health and nutrition. This is because when family eats together, kids eat healthier and better. Dr. Ludwig also adds that no matter what the family eats, the process is slowed down and extends the family time.  One or two mealtime shared together is enough to have the benefits. It doesn’t have to exactly on same time but having a routine will make family sticks to the habit. Share a meal to your kids and you’ll be surprise how they will share their life with you.

A family that eats together stays happy together. Who doesn’t want this to be true?

For further reading, visit the link and know more about Family Eating Together: http://www.rdasia.com/importance_of_family_dinners

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