Thursday, October 13, 2011

The benefits of telling bedtime stories to your kids

Educators and  reading advocacy claim that 20-minutes reading bedtime stories to your kids is beneficial to your kid's development. Here are some of the benefits your kids can get from your 20-minutes bedtime reading.
a 20-minute bedtime story reading helps your kids have a healthy outlook in life 

1. It makes them widen their 5 senses essentials in learning. Five senses include seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling. As kids hear stories their imagination works and make use of their 5 sensory abilities. Imagining thing using our senses is a good learning exercise for preschooler kids.

2. Recognized words- by listening the could recognized word meaning using the emotions and moods in the story. It is a simple means to start and widen their vocabulary

3. Learn how to act positively in a given situation- reading them stories of a simple life's struggle would provide them  insights on how to act positively when put  in the same condition or situation. A child  learning from child's experience is an effective way of providing learning opportunities.

4 Develops intuitive and cognitive learning- Reading a them stories will help your kids develop their intuitive and cognitive learning abilities by guessing what the end will be or by connecting and relating events on the story. In some ways it also cab be a source of fun and entertainment for them.

5.Develops the habit of reading- Reading is the best habit parents can teach their kids. Reading is related to learning and their source of  valued information. Reading helps your kids to have better understanding of their surroundings.

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