Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace And The Family

When you think of peace in the family, what comes to your mind? A silent house where there is no noise around or a silent house because there’s nobody to talk to? Sometimes we associate peace with silence. We think that when there’s no noise around, we have peace and when there’s nobody’s talking, there’s peace at least.

Peace is not situational but rather it is based on relationship. There is peace even if there’s a lot of talking around us. There is peace even if there’s a lot of noise going around us. Peace is how we relate to our surrounding. Peace is how we relate to the people around us.

A silent house is not in peace at all when silence is a result of misunderstanding among the members of the family. A peaceful house can even be noisy when all the family is talking happily as they gather in a happy moment shared by each other. Even if everyone is shouting at one another but after all the shouting, understanding is reached at the end. And this is what peace is all about.

Peace is our relationship to our family. How we share our thoughts and feelings with them. Peace is our relationship with them and how we treat this relationship.

Peace is family’s relationship. There will be no peace if relationship among members are under strain or distorted. A  Family in peace is a family with sound and good relationship with one another. Keep your family at peace by keeping your family relationship intact and undistorted. After all, peace is what Jesus gave us when he is risen from the death. Let there be peace among the family members by having relationship with God. A family at peace is a family with relationship with God.

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