Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips for Family Communication

Miscommunication often happens in the family and this often results to unhealthy relationship within family members. Here are some helpful tips that can help in bridging the cap between family members.

 Just learn how to listen. Sometimes advises and criticism are not wanted at all but most of the time someone who would listen is what  really matters. By learning how to listen, even just plain listening is enough to reach out to  you family members.

Don't criticize or judge
   To encourage your family member to talk, check out first your negative reactions. Rather than slamming it shut, put aside any criticism and judgement. Making them feel you are at their sides makes it a big difference and may opens the door for communications

Talk from the heart
 Share your family's happiness from making use of "heart-talk" rather than "head talk". Talking from emotions and not intellectually bridged the gap between family members and the ease of talking with one another can be attained.

Don't assume 
People always have this preconceived notions about family members. Don't make the mistake of assuming of knowing family member's emotions and thoughts. This can easily hampers communications.

Show love
Actions speak louder than words. Doing somethings for family members can signal starts of communication and sharing love with actions elicits more appreciation.

As the family communicates more and more, the gap between family members will be slowly sinking away.

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