Monday, May 23, 2011

Advises for Parents

We are parents and most of the time has confusions on how to really become a good parent to our kids. I would like to share this great advises I have learned from the old and wiser parents I have encounter during my course of travel. I  am  breaking down these advises into parts and hope many would find insights in these wise advises from ‘real parents”

Love your kid unconditionally. This is the first “commandment I received from an old but wise parent. Loving our children without laying any conditions is the basic principle a parent must have to become a good parent. No conditions, no if‘s just plain love and everything will follow.

Discipline your kid. If you must punish them for instilling discipline, then do it but do not use your hands. Use other thing like a belt, slipper or folder newspapers and a few slaps on the buttock will not hurt them much but sure to instill discipline and to show you mean what you say. Use your hands not for beating but for touching them with caress as you explain why they have to be punished for a wrong done.

Do the punishing in private and don’t let your child suffer in public or with other people around. Respect their privacy and they will respect your for respecting their privacy, too.

Do not let your kids do thing they do not like at all. Many parents make their children do things for their own pleasure even if their kids don’t really want to do them. Kids would do things as they are told but they will have quilt feelings when they do not deliver what is expected from them. This would give them silent trauma and worse may result to emotional or psychological problems.

Do not make comparison. Do not make the mistakes of comparing your kids with other people. Remember they have their own identity and make them feel they are loved for what and who they are.

More in next post.

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