Saturday, April 30, 2011

Disaster Preparedness and Your Family

In times of disaster, a family that is one and united can easily beat all odds. But being united and one is not only the key means for survival. It is basically more on the preparedness of the family in times of occurring disaster.

Many times we have been caught between being unprepared and the fatal strike of a disaster. Disastrous impact and big loss could have been lesser if we only give importance to our preparedness.

Disaster preparedness is our ability to be prepared, to be alert and ability to answer to the impending disaster that may come our way. It is our ability to stay calm and in control of our self and surroundings. During this time, we have our family to depend on. We have our family members to protect and support. Our actions reflect on how we perceived survival and how much we have done about it. We can not just have survival unless we know how to.

As a parent it is our duty to teach our children basic things about survival. Simple explanation on how one must behave during a disaster is a good start. Giving them simple reminders of what to do and not to do would be enough to brace themselves against impending disaster.

a simple survival kit that may save your family's lives
A simple earthquake drill at home would give our children information how they can protect themselves during this time. Telling them where to stay during the quake will lessen shock and confusion. Confusion sometimes is the culprit for some lost life. Avoiding this can really help one survive.

Keeping a simple survival kit is a great chance of survival. Simple survival kit that contains basic things such as small flashlight, whistle, band aids and antiseptics, bottled water for each of the family members and foods that need little or no cooking at all. Warm clothing such as small blanket can also be useful. Pack of batteries and a small transistor radio complete this survival kit.

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