Monday, December 26, 2011

Get ready for NHL Ice Hockey 2012

The National Hockey League Ice Hockey is just around the corner and fans are pretty excited about the games lined up for this year. So who are your family's favorites? 

Minnesota Wild Hockey Team Logo

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The Buffalo Sabres Ice Hockey team

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The Los Angeles Hockey Team

Support your Ice Hockey teams at their games and bring the whole family along too for a lot of fun in cheering and shouting for your idol stars in Ice Hockey! If you haven't got your tickets yet has NHL national hockey league tickets for the Buffalo Sabres and the los angeles kings hocket team as well as the Minnesota wild tickets. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Alcoholism-Don't drink too much this Holiday season

too much alcohol will ruin any holiday celebration

Holiday celebrations are associated with too much eating and drinking. It is wise to keep things in moderation in order to  decrease the risk of getting into serious heath condition. One of this is drinking problem or alcoholism.

Alcoholism is present when a drinker is:

1. Failing to fulfill work, school or home duties
2. Getting arrested for drunk driving, disorderly conduct,etc
3.Having relationship problems such as arguments or fights

A alcoholic on the other hand has the following:
1. cravings for alcohol
2.The need for more and more alcohol for the desired effect
3.withdrawal symptoms when blood alcohol level decline

Self-care tips for alcoholism

1. Know your limit or don't drink at all
2. If you can't help it, drink slowly and drink less
3. Turn to alternative alcoholic drink or beverage with or without alcohol
4.Eat when you drink to slow alcohol absorption
5.Find ways to calm yourself other than alcohol such hobbies,sports,relaxation exercises,music, movies,etc
6.Make your self a role model for your children
7.Don't rely on coffee or fresh air to make you sober, it's better to have someone to talk to
8.Contact your Employee Assistance Program at work for information and other assistance
9. Don't take or consumed alcohol when you are pregnant.

Holidaying is fun but always out your safety on your priority list. You can best enjoy your holiday with the family when you are away from troubles.

Monday, December 19, 2011

First thing to do in 2012-Overhaul your medicine cabinet!

 To make our home a safe place for our children this 2012 and for the rest of years to come is to overhaul our medicine cabinet and this should be done before the year ends or on the first days of 2012.

Here's what you should do in overhauling your medicine cabinet.

1. Take everything all of your medicine cabinet.
2. Check out expiration dates. Be sure to throw out all expired and outdated medicines.If there's something you're not sure of,call your pharmacist and ask her about its shelf life..
3.Discard old tubes of creams that have been hardened or cracked. Throw away liquid medicines that may look cloudy or flimsy. These are signs that they're spoiled.
4.If the medicine is not in its original container and was not labeled properly, don't take chance and discard them all. Remember that medicines have tinted container as protection against exposure to light. If there's no label, throw them.
5.Bear in mind that every medication is a potential poison so keep them out of reach of children. Label them accordingly.Even vitamins should be kept away from children as they can also cause danger of poisoning.
6. Throw away old prescriptions that have been used in the past. Remember that prescription is made for a specific condition and repeated use for same condition may pose dangers. Better check it first with your doctor.
7. Make a new notes for emergency first aids and numbers to call in more readable and clearer notes and throw away those old notes that are already  not readable.

When you are done with your overhauling, it's time to stock your medicine cabinet with new emergency and first aid medicines that are properly sealed and labeled.

We turn to our medicine cabinet during emergency and therefore it should be full of items that can save life during emergencies and also things that will help us do some first aids. Don't forget to include a whistle and teach your children how and when to use it during emergencies.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Take Care of the Caregiver (MOMS)

Taking care of your family is a very active undertaking. In order for you to continue doing the task for your family you have to restore yourself. You don't do it in just a day or two but everyday of your life. Although this may sound being selfish, you can't do your best when you are always overwhelmed, exhausted, irritable and burned out. You have to get breaks to do the task with all your best capacity.

You will feel pressured too much of the time when you tend to neglect yourself. This is  of course  not  detrimental  to  your children and your significant other. You need to have a plan time away from your children to care for yourself and your other relationships. Here are some ways how to take care of yourself as the caregiver of the family.

Keep your body healthy-Take away for some time daily in your life from children and have a regular exercise. A hot tub bath is also a good way to keep yourself healthy and have a  refreshed body and mind. Eat a healthy diet but do not "diet". Take coffee and alcohol in moderation and have a restful sleep.

Talk and visit other people you know-be sure to talk to your friends, neighbors , spouses and other adults to keep you connected and recharged.

Clear your mind- stay away from the haze that family caring brings. Take time to read, listen to the music or by just lying on your bed with the door shut can do wonders.

Get organized-lack of structure and organization is bad both for the children and the parents. You must have time management to keep up with the pace of parenting. You must have the essential "to do" list  everyday. Take time to calendar everybody's activities and reorganize your home.

Decide what you want to do about romance and do it-Don't practice the phrase until the children are all grown-ups. Do what you are supposed to do with your significant relationship. Take time out without the children and have "adults vacation only". This will not only improved your couple's relationship but most your inner self and sensuality.

If your children and significant other have to be taken care of, you have the right too to be taken care of. Start taking care of yourself and you can be the best caregiver for your family. 

Friday, December 2, 2011 A Day Of Treats- An attendee review

Last  November 30, 2011  I got my passport for "A Day Of Treats" held at Eastwood City's Central Plaza. The passport entitles every attendees for  some freebies and surprise gift prize, food and drinks. It was fun hoping from one booth to another like the Nail Art booth for a free manicure. I think it is the blockbuster among booth participants but my daughter and I did not get our free manicure as we have to wait for our numbers to be called.  Second runner up is the Photo Booth where everybody is treated for a pose with a  professional photographer who gamely direct every women's pose.

There was also some live performances featuring the quartet of :the "The Girl with the Golden Voice" and Jazz Saxophone performer and a singer , He is a good Jazz singer but fails to connect to his audience. But it was Justin Pinon who stole the limelight when he display his ability to read minds.The whole day affair which started at 11 am and until 12midnight was really a treat in all sense but the mood was  not that encouraging as the humid is so intense. This maybe the reason why resource speakers were not able to make an engaging discussions with the audience.  I was expecting more detailed legal tips from the legal expert guest but all she did was to read what's on  her power point. Well, all resource speakers  read their power point and add nothing new to it. Working girls know more about power point and they should have ask from them some new techniques..The hourly raffle adds a little excitement but failed to liven-up the mood.

In all modesty, I enjoy the affair but not that much. I just hope the next event dedicated to women will  be more awesome and exciting. The 100 pesos worth of the passport is still worth it despite some dull moments in between the affair.

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