Friday, December 23, 2011

Alcoholism-Don't drink too much this Holiday season

too much alcohol will ruin any holiday celebration

Holiday celebrations are associated with too much eating and drinking. It is wise to keep things in moderation in order to  decrease the risk of getting into serious heath condition. One of this is drinking problem or alcoholism.

Alcoholism is present when a drinker is:

1. Failing to fulfill work, school or home duties
2. Getting arrested for drunk driving, disorderly conduct,etc
3.Having relationship problems such as arguments or fights

A alcoholic on the other hand has the following:
1. cravings for alcohol
2.The need for more and more alcohol for the desired effect
3.withdrawal symptoms when blood alcohol level decline

Self-care tips for alcoholism

1. Know your limit or don't drink at all
2. If you can't help it, drink slowly and drink less
3. Turn to alternative alcoholic drink or beverage with or without alcohol
4.Eat when you drink to slow alcohol absorption
5.Find ways to calm yourself other than alcohol such hobbies,sports,relaxation exercises,music, movies,etc
6.Make your self a role model for your children
7.Don't rely on coffee or fresh air to make you sober, it's better to have someone to talk to
8.Contact your Employee Assistance Program at work for information and other assistance
9. Don't take or consumed alcohol when you are pregnant.

Holidaying is fun but always out your safety on your priority list. You can best enjoy your holiday with the family when you are away from troubles.

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