Friday, December 2, 2011 A Day Of Treats- An attendee review

Last  November 30, 2011  I got my passport for "A Day Of Treats" held at Eastwood City's Central Plaza. The passport entitles every attendees for  some freebies and surprise gift prize, food and drinks. It was fun hoping from one booth to another like the Nail Art booth for a free manicure. I think it is the blockbuster among booth participants but my daughter and I did not get our free manicure as we have to wait for our numbers to be called.  Second runner up is the Photo Booth where everybody is treated for a pose with a  professional photographer who gamely direct every women's pose.

There was also some live performances featuring the quartet of :the "The Girl with the Golden Voice" and Jazz Saxophone performer and a singer , He is a good Jazz singer but fails to connect to his audience. But it was Justin Pinon who stole the limelight when he display his ability to read minds.The whole day affair which started at 11 am and until 12midnight was really a treat in all sense but the mood was  not that encouraging as the humid is so intense. This maybe the reason why resource speakers were not able to make an engaging discussions with the audience.  I was expecting more detailed legal tips from the legal expert guest but all she did was to read what's on  her power point. Well, all resource speakers  read their power point and add nothing new to it. Working girls know more about power point and they should have ask from them some new techniques..The hourly raffle adds a little excitement but failed to liven-up the mood.

In all modesty, I enjoy the affair but not that much. I just hope the next event dedicated to women will  be more awesome and exciting. The 100 pesos worth of the passport is still worth it despite some dull moments in between the affair.

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