Monday, December 19, 2011

First thing to do in 2012-Overhaul your medicine cabinet!

 To make our home a safe place for our children this 2012 and for the rest of years to come is to overhaul our medicine cabinet and this should be done before the year ends or on the first days of 2012.

Here's what you should do in overhauling your medicine cabinet.

1. Take everything all of your medicine cabinet.
2. Check out expiration dates. Be sure to throw out all expired and outdated medicines.If there's something you're not sure of,call your pharmacist and ask her about its shelf life..
3.Discard old tubes of creams that have been hardened or cracked. Throw away liquid medicines that may look cloudy or flimsy. These are signs that they're spoiled.
4.If the medicine is not in its original container and was not labeled properly, don't take chance and discard them all. Remember that medicines have tinted container as protection against exposure to light. If there's no label, throw them.
5.Bear in mind that every medication is a potential poison so keep them out of reach of children. Label them accordingly.Even vitamins should be kept away from children as they can also cause danger of poisoning.
6. Throw away old prescriptions that have been used in the past. Remember that prescription is made for a specific condition and repeated use for same condition may pose dangers. Better check it first with your doctor.
7. Make a new notes for emergency first aids and numbers to call in more readable and clearer notes and throw away those old notes that are already  not readable.

When you are done with your overhauling, it's time to stock your medicine cabinet with new emergency and first aid medicines that are properly sealed and labeled.

We turn to our medicine cabinet during emergency and therefore it should be full of items that can save life during emergencies and also things that will help us do some first aids. Don't forget to include a whistle and teach your children how and when to use it during emergencies.

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