Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Protect your kids from diseases brought by the cold season-part 2- Flu or Influenza

Let your child have plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids

Flu or seasonal influenza comes during fall and winter months or during the wet seasons in tropical areas. Flu affects the nose,throat,breathing tube and the lungs. Flu is caused by certain viruses which varies each year. It is picked up by hand-to-hand contact of the virus or by breathing in air droplets that contain the virus.

Prevention includes getting a flu vaccine. If your doctor had advised you to have, it is better to do so. This could be your children 's single best protection from catching the virus. You can also ask your doctor for any anti viral medicines that can prevent some strains of flu viruses. Have your children get plenty of rest, eat well and have a daily active activities as their exercise.

Most of the time self-care treats flu. Taking an over-the-counter viral medicine can help minimized the symptoms and make them milder. But refrain from using antibiotics as these will not treat flu viruses.

Symptoms includes sore throat, slight fever, running nose, wet eyes and fatigue

Here's some simple self-care tips to treat Flu

·        Have your child rest and drink plenty of fluids
·        Have him gargle with warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of salt or 1 tablespoon of mouthwash
·        Don't suppressed cough that brings up mucus but instead give your child  over-the-counter cough syrup with guifenesin
·        Tell your child to wash hands often especially after blowing the nose and before handling foods to prevent spreading the virus

But signs such as feeling confused, with little urine, sunken eyes and dry skin that will not spring back after pitching may indicate sings of dehydration and needs doctor's attention.Flu can also lead to some fatal diseases such as Meningitis. It is best to monitor your child's condition often and seek professional help when needed.

Remember that self-care is only done in treating flu with milder symptoms. It is a general rule that when symptoms persist and getting worse, it is time to see and consult your doctor.

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