Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fight Dengue-Do the 4 o'clock Habit

With Dengue fast spreading all over the country, it's time for us parents to protect our family by simply doing our little share of eradicating  this dreadful DENGUE. Yes, by doing our daily tasks of keeping our surrounding clean and free of mosquitos breeding places we can kick out this deadly mosquitoes.
A special species of mosquitoes is said to be the carrier of this Dengue Virus. One deadly bite from a female Aedes mosquito can transmit 3 or 4 Dengue Virus. Symptoms include onset of high fever, extreme headache, joints pain and stomach. Days after patient may have red patches in skin and when already in danger stage, may have bleeding gums and nose. When not ACTED IMMEDIATELY, it may cause blood platelets to fall and cause shock and then death. It is deadly but when detected early can be prevented and treated.
Since it is caused by virus, there's no specific drug treatment and only fluid flushing is the immediately treatment plus symptomatic drugs like paracetamol for fever and pain.

Health authorities say that the only way to eradicate this Dengue Virus is to keep out Aedes mosquitoes in the environment and destroy its breeding places.
 This Aedes mosquitoes bite only during daytime and found to be active  between 6 am to 10 am and 2 pm to 4 pm or until the last daylight which is before 6 pm.
To destroy its breeding places, everybody must practice the 4 o'clock habit.
  • Throw away all possible breeding places like empty bottle (without caps), old tires, plastic containers

  • Replace water in flower vases daily and drain water from dishwashers,refrigerators, air conditioners

  • Drain all stagnant rain water around and near your houses

  • Cover all drums of water and treat them with disinfectants

  • Keep your surrounding clean and dry as possible.

It is with joint efforts of parents and the community that this deadly Dengue can be eradicated Join the efforts and let's have a Dengue- free community!

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