Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ang Trip ni Rizal Arts and Gallery Tour- Only the beautiful, the truth and the good of Philippines' Arts

A contestant in one network talent search program lamented that his own mother prevented him from pursuing his artistic talent for the reasons that most artists in the Philippines starve. But his persistence and love for his arts proved his mother wrong and now he's reaping all kinds of accolade for his art works.

Parents should be the first persons to encourage their children to pursue their chosen field as children find inspiration with them. Rizal has his mother for inspiration and her persistent guidance had great influence on his arts and other pursued interest. Parents' obligations are not only to provide the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter but most of all to nourish their God-given talent or skills. Preventing them to pursue their interest is like cutting off a budding flower from its stem depriving us the existence of beautiful creations.

A Botong Francisco masterpiece
One great way to encourage a child with artistic inclination is to provide him access to his arts. It does not mean only providing him the tools he needs but to have a personal glimpse of works of arts that will inspire him more. Ang Trip Ni Rizal, a local tour group focused on making Rizal province as one of Philippines tourist destinations has a tour package that explains why Rizal is the art capital of the Philippines.

The tour includes visits to different towns of Rizal that showcase works of known Filipino masters including Carlo “Botong” Francisco, Nemi Miranda and other famous artist sons of Rizal.  A budding interest in art will find nourishment in seeing these masterpieces and notes of how these artists live for their art will inspire an innocent love for the arts. The tour also makes it possible for the budding artist to have a face-to-face encounter with the artists themselves and witness how their innovative arts style made them famous around the world.  The tour includes trips in arts galleries and interaction with a famous wood furniture maker to milestones interest in this field. The trip is not only artistic but in a way cultivates aesthetic sense in our daily living. Parents and children will surely love this amazing  Ang Trip ni Rizal Arts and Gallery tour.

As a popular First lady  had once said, arts is nothing but the beautiful, the truth and the good, let us all embrace this and share with our children  nothing but the beautiful, the truth and the good of Philippines’ Arts.

This article is my official entry to "Ang Trip Ni Rizal-Trip Ko' 'To blog contest.  To avail  the trip visit www.angtripnirizal.com for more details.

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