Thursday, July 28, 2011

Otto Waterless Urinals- Help Reduce Water Usage

Waterless urinals are coming to town. Arrow home improvements, a leading company for home improvements with its Otto waterless urinals is introducing to the Filipinos a new concept in home bathrooms and toilets.
Waterless urinals concept is something that is new to most parents and homeowners. It   had some bad feedback several years ago when it was introduced in other countries. But the good thing is; the Philippines is being introduced to the WATERLESS concept with a product that has a lot of innovative designs said to have eliminated the past problems of waterless urinals. The stinking smell, the clogging and the hazardous materials are now thing of the past with Otto waterless urinals. But are we ready for this big shift in our toilet and bathroom supplies?

Otto waterless urinals claim to have designs that can match any bathroom interiors. This means the design will not ruin your stylish bathroom accessories and in fact can complement bathroom accessories and bathroom supplies without compromising toilet purpose.  An Otto waterless urinal is also Eco-friendly because it’s   made from non-toxic and non-hazardous materials. It also uses re-usable cartridges thus saving money on its simple maintenance.But this money-saving feature is not enough to convince a homeowner to shift to this waterless urinals. Now, take a look on this. It is also said that a single Otto male urinal when install in your bathroom will reduce water usage from 20% to 30% of total site water consumption. That's what we need; reduced water usage.

According to the Handbook of Water and Conservation, if all Filipinos will install water conservation features in their toilet, water usage would decrease by 30%, saving an estimated 5.4 billion per day.  This will result in dollar volume savings of 11.3 million per day or 4 billion per year. This will not only save our water resources but give new lease of life to our dying water sources. A Filipino household which has  a water usage of 350 gallon per day and  if it uses an Otto waterless urinal, its daily usage will reduced to estimated 240 gallon. If every household will have reduced daily water usage, in a month, an estimated of 450 million gallons of water will be saved.  It is no doubt that Otto waterless urinals can help save our water resources.It is more than money-saving. It is saving our future generation.

Now, if waterless urinals can make water savings of 30%, it is time for us to rethink and reconsider changing our views about these waterless toilets. If water free urinals will be used in many homes and establishments, water conservation will be collective actions among its users. We can all participate in our little own ways in this noble cause of saving our water resources thus letting our children enjoy the benefits of its abundance in the near future.. WE as parents, have this primary role to lead our children in accepting new challenges and innovations for the betterment of our life and community. With waterless urinals, getting ready for them is just a matter of decision. Think. Decide. Help reduce water usage. Have waterless urinals in your homes.

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