Saturday, June 18, 2011

Social Network crimes

You can read them on newspapers, see and watch on TV and radio, social network crimes are now getting the headlines.

Facebooks, myspace 5, twitter and friendster are only few of the many social networks that offer virtual friendship and let their users connect to different people around the world. With technology, distance is not a problem anymore. Anywhere in the world, one can communicate easily and send thoughts, ideas across , personal , business or official with just some clicks at the computer's mouse. This is the reason why more and more people are getting hooked in these social networks and our children are among these.
There's nothing bad with these social networks since it is part of  progress and developments. Progress and developments have no intentions to destroy but failure to cope positively with them can bring about many disastrous things not only on properties but also in people's live, directly and indirectly.

There are a lot of crimes now involving the use of these socail networks such as facebook, twitter, etc and most of the victims are young girls and boys who are naive and disoriented with the proper guidance of the use of these social networks. It is now the role of the parents to take actions to protect their children with these crimes involving the net. Parents should personally take considerate actions to guide and orient their children with the proper use of these social networks. They can do this if they, themselves are computer literate  and are well-oriented with these social networks.

Unfortunately, most parents themselves fall prey to these net crimes and became victims themselves. It is now the government duty to step in and make laws that will protect and give proper guidance with the use of these social networks. With new laws and implementing these laws will not only save people's lives but also make them, become more responsible cyber community member

The government must act now and fast. Progress and development could not wait long.

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