Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Parenting tools:Punishment, reward and incentives (part 1)

punishment as a tool for disciplining a child

As parents we oftentime used these three tools in  disciplining our kids. These tools are rewards, puishment and incentives which are distinct from one to another but plays important role in teaching our children the importance of discipline.

Reward is something extra parents give in to bribe  children to change behavior while punishment is enforced when the child misbehave. The two tools are used by dictators parents to enforce their orders. Children are put in line of doing what parents want them to do with a promise of rewards and punishment when they misbehave or go against what is expected of them. Although these tools have been proven effective thrugh the years, in the present society where equality is supreme, these tools seem to be more of a distracting tools than constractive when used in disciplining children.

In our days when every child has his own right, rewards and punishment may not work. But what should be done to enforce discipline ? This is where incentives take as the better tools. Incentives is built into the consequences and is connected to events. While events are  enforced, incentives let children have a choice. It gives children their right to assess the events and what to do in order to improve their behavior.

Punishment may work in the short run  but when children are under the htreat of punishment, it may not be effective in the long run. It is like hurting someone and giving hinm the unspoken right to hurt back someone.

Disciplining using incentives is explaining the consequences of the events to a child and about the negative behavior associated with it. This will help him understand what change is expected from him. It imay  not  be easy but clear information and communition can help.

Explaining to a child that his right of choice bears logical consequences and incentives motivate him to make his choice positively. This can make him start a change that is more attractive to him. which is more likely to be towards a positive behavior.

Next : The dangers of incentives turning to  punishments

Friday, March 2, 2012

Self care tips for eye strain caused by prolong computer use

long use of computer  can cause eyestrain to yourchildren

Technology has brought many liberation to our life and children today learn more using the computer. But prolong use of comouter may cause eye strain and here are some of the self care tips that may help reducing if not eliminating eye strain from computer.

  • Place the screen so that your line of sight is 10 to 15 degree below the horizontal. This is also for laptops.
  • Dust the screen often.
  • Reduce the glare. Position the screen at right angle to the source of light . Turn off or shield overhead light. You can ask your child to wear visor to block the overhead lights if necessary.
  • Remind your child to blink often. This will keep eyes from getting dry. You can use "artificial tear" if necessary.
  • If the image on the screen is blurred, dull or flicker, have it serviced right away.
  • Try to keep the screen from your child's eyes 2 feet away.

You can protect your child's eyes from gettig strain following these simple self-care tips. remember that poor lighting increased the possibility of straining the eyes when using the computer. As much as possible provide good lighting for your child's computer table.

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