Monday, November 26, 2012

Colds and Hygiene

 It is common for an average healthy person to get cold twice or thrice colds incidents a year and although they are not a serious condition, they can still weaken our immune system. However there are plenty of ways to get rid and prevent colds and the most simple is hand washing.

Washing your hands as often as possible shields you from the colds virus and germs that can caused respiratory illness. Make it a habit to wash your hand twice as one hand washing has little effects on germs and bacteria that take hold in your hands. Use anti bacteria soap if possible.

If hand washing is not possible use  hand sanitizer. Use it to clean your hands and to keep off germs and bacteria that can be passed from hand-to hand or hand-to object contact. However recent studies shows that plain hand sanitizer can only keep off harmful bacteria and germs for a few hours and you need to frequently apply it on your hands to keep if germs free. Try to use hands shield that has 24 hours protection  to keep your hands truly protected.

A new product called Hygiene 24 hand Shield can do the job and gives your hands real protection from germs and bacteria. It  is more  economical as you will only have to apply it on your hands once. If you  want more information about Hygiene 24 , you can visit and enrich your self with  more hygienic information.

Catching colds is easy when you are least protected.  And nothing beats good  hygiene as an effective colds prevention.

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