Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teach your Children What Holy Week Is.

A Scene from a Senaculo- A dramatization Of Christ's Passion

I was surprised to hear from a group of school children discussing how their family is going to spend the Holy Week. The Philippines being a Catholic country celebrates the Lent Season and has so many traditional Filipino ways of remembering the Passion Of Christ. But through the years, many young families today have changed their ways of celebrating the Lent Season. Gone are the Visita Iglesia, the Caridad (Charity done during Thursday Maunday by giving free soups or "Ginatan" ( Filipino delicacy made of sweet tubers boiled in coconut cream). Many Young family instead of Doing a Pabasa,  would planned for their beach Holiday or excursions. Those who have money to burn even go out of  the country and  spend holidaying in Singapore or Hongkong and  even Macau.

Many of young people see the "Senaculo " and the "Penitiencia" as tourist atrraction and have forgotten the real meaning of these dramatization of Christ's Passion.  Many go to church to attend the "Salubong" on the dawn of Eastern Sunday woithoiut even knowing what it is all about and what is the story behind the "unveiling " of the Virgin Mary in the "Salubong" tradition. Many young parents have forgotten to teach their children about the great faith that is behind all of these traditional Lent Celebration. All that they care is the Egg-hunting in the Malls and other places of entertainment which is never a part of Philippine Culture and only one of the Western influences on us.

It is such as pity to hear young people to say that the old Filipino Holy Week Tradition is outdated and must be forgotten. It is our role as parents to show them the right ways to celebrate the Lent Season. We can't impose things on them but telling and letting them know our cultures and traditions would make them know the importance of culture and tradition in nation's building. We may have varied religious belief but respecting the culture and the tradition would make our next in line generation know that a great nation becomes great because of its people who respect its culture and tradition.

We can teach the Passion of Christ even without any religious touches. Making them remember that Holy Week is a time for the family to review our faith  in God is enough to teach them what Holy Week really is.

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